Yep… Its Competitive
Out There

There’s no doubt about it: running an online store can be lucrative. That’s why you have so many competitors, from other online stores to eBay to the elephant in the room… Amazon.

With all that competition, the difference between earning lucrative profits and struggling to make ends meet is razor thin. So which side of the coin are you? If you’re looking for more profits, we can help.

It’s Time To Turn More
Visitors Into Buyers.

What happens when you combine comprehensive research, clever online advertising, direct response copywriting and smart strategy?

A flood of sales, like clockwork! We know because we’ve used this same formula to devastating effect for hundreds of Australian businesses already.

This Is How Your Top Competitors Generate Online Sales Right Now

Is your website a sales & marketing machine like theirs?

A Great Offer

A Great Offer

They start with an offer. Not the same bland offer every other business has like a “free quote”. Something compelling, something your target market really wants. They understand their customer and what motivates them. Get your offer right and half the battle is won.
Copy & Design

Copy & Design

Your top competitors know that two vital things come next: the wording used on the website and the way it’s designed. Get this right and it’s the difference between a visitor making a purchase or leaving never to be heard from again. Your top competitors all invest in sales copy and conversion focused web design.
Send The Traffic

Send The Traffic

With a ‘too-hot-to-resist’ offer and top-notch sales copy & website in place, it’s time to turn on the traffic taps. Your top competitors pull visitors to their site from multiple sources like Google AdWords, SEO & Facebook. They can afford to do this because they are confident their offer, sales copy & website will turn those visits into sales.
Measure & Improve

Measure & Improve

Ongoing improvement. Testing new tactics. Tracking everything. Improving everything. Rinse and repeat. Your top competitors invest in improving their marketing results every single month. This means they get more sales while spending the same or even less on their marketing.

So.. How Do You Stack Up?

Do you have those one or two competitors that always seem to “be there”. Do you wonder
how they can afford to do it while your own online sales efforts are hit and miss?

Find out now with our e-commerce strategy session. We will analyse your efforts, size up the competition and give you the blueprint to generating sales online like clockwork.

Why on earth would we do that? We’re so confident you’ll agree with our findings you’ll want
to work with us. Full disclosure!

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Tony & Janine Gadaleta


We have used the team from Local Digital for both of our companies now and as with our previous experiences with them our latest adventure has been amazing. The new website they did for our latest Company has brought in a lot of new business and regular clients for us. They have done an incredible job on AdWords for us and they definitely know how to attract the potential customers to our website and convert them to sales. Customer service is definitely a high priority for them and is much appreciated by us. We have no hesitation in recommending Local Digital and the team to anyone looking to build a website or expand their business.

Blake Andreas


The team at Local Digital have been great. They communicate well and always deliver on what they say they will do. Highly recommended for Adword campaigns.

Wouter Spruijtenburg


Working with Local Digital for a couple of years now and they deliver outstanding work. They have control on our AdWords accounts and they are performing great.

They are always available for questions and are assisting us with everything if we need help.

Great company with awesome people, keep up the good work guys!

Mo Ali


The team at Local Digital have been very helpful in redesigning our website and getting us good quality leads. They really know their stuff, and have boosted our business in a significant way. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

Omid Allan


I have started using LDA and their optimisation service for few months now and it has made a very good improvement in our marketing. We are getting good quality patients who are seeking what we offer.

Great service and responsive.

Ian Grove


Local Digital has outperformed their competitors on every level. I have since moved all my AdWords accounts to Local Digital. Their work on our website and Internet marketing has made a significant difference to our business. We’ve seen a 200% increase in quote requests from the website which has been pretty remarkable

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