AdWords Management

AdWords Management

If you’re not investing in AdWords you are missing out on one of the most proven ways of driving sales and leads for your business.

Our AdWords management services let you choose your budget, which location you wish to advertise in and what keywords you wish to target – providing you ultimate control of your advertising spend.

Smarter AdWords Management

Smarter management. Better return

Most advertisers focus on ad clicks rather than conversions. Clicks will spend your budget, while conversions will mean the difference between a profit and a loss.

Engage a pay per click specialist who knows only the most up to date optimisation techniques and has the experience to back it up.

PPC Specialists

Qualified PPC specialists

At Local Digital, our expert consultants are all individually certified by Google AdWords and the Microsoft Advertising Professionals program.

Our strategic and targeted approach ensures we are geared towards one metric only – return on investment. This methodology has seen our clients produce more sales and leads for a lower spend.

Really cool results...

  • 81% decrease in cost per lead year-on-year
  • 150% increase in leads generated
  • 52% decrease in AdWords media costs

Local Digital took over the digital marketing for Australian air conditioning manufacturer ActronAir as they launched a multi-million dollar above the line advertising campaign. Our results to date have been a drastic improvement on what the previous agency achieved with more leads generated at a substantially lower cost.


What Is AdWords?

When it comes to AdWords the buzz words certainly are aplenty. PPC. CPC. CTR. Conversion Rate. ROAS. ROI. Quality Score.

It’s enough to make your head spin…

So, if you’re new to the world of AdWords, check out this video:



Why Do I Need AdWords Management?

Getting your AdWords campaign humming is tough. Ads are bought in an auction environment, which means costs can escalate quickly. The interface Google provides to get the job done has a lot going on. If you’re not careful, an incorrect setting or keyword match type could mean the difference between profit and pain.

Now we’re not going to lie. AdWords is definitely something anyone with a bit of tenacity can learn. But when you already have a job pulling you a hundred different ways, it’s often best to just leave things to the experts.

That’s why many businesses to turn to Local Digital for their Google AdWords management. Save time, save stress and leave your search to the search nerds, while you focus on running your business.

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