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7 Alternative Search Engines Other Than Google

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘Google it’. As a matter of fact, you probably say…

Arthur Fabik

How To Remove A Google Review

Think about it – we Google everything. Whether it’s to find a new hairdresser, electrician,…

Dominic Sergi

How Much Does Facebook Advertising Cost

If you’re looking to branch out and explore the world of advertising on Facebook, you’ve…

Jack Boulton

The Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing

This may come as a shock – social media marketing isn’t perfect. You might be…

Pamela Obeid

The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

At Local Digital, we love our statistics. Here’s one for you: in 2022, there are…

Pamela Obeid

How Much Does Instagram Advertising Cost in 2022

Ah, Instagram. When it comes to social media marketing, one cannot deny the influence that…

Dominic Sergi

Google’s Knowledge Panel: What is it and how to get one?

Google’s knowledge panel is just what it sounds like – a panel filled with knowledge….

Pamela Obeid

How Much Does YouTube Advertising Cost in 2022?

Here’s a fun fact for you. YouTube is the second most popular website on the…

Pamela Obeid

Website Migration Checklist: How To Get It Right

Picture this: your lead generation has picked up. Your customer base has become something out…

Arthur Fabik


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