How We Helped Konica Minolta Recover From A Major Loss of SEO Traffic

84% Increase SEO Traffic

adowrds conversion rate improvements

300% Increase Conversion Rate

cost per lead reduction

650% Increase Leads

 The Problem

Fresh off the back of a site migration handled poorly by their previous agency, Konica Minolta’s organic traffic and rankings began to plummet. 

To make matters worse, their homepage was morphed into a global gateway page, hosted on a different domain. This compounded the traffic issues by losing all branded traffic.

Further still, pages which were once targeting valuable keywords had them removed from key areas as part of the migration. What were once content-rich pages were stripped to maintain a desired aesthetic without any consideration to the effect on results.

Years of hard work and gains were reversed by poor recommendations. 

Local Digital were tasked with not only recovering the lost traffic, but further improving on the results pre-migration. 

The Solution

Reversing the damage was no easy task. Local Digital rolled out an end-to-end SEO solution including comprehensive technical audit followed by onsite optimisation, copywriting, a backlink audit and ongoing link building.

Local Digital started off by auditing the archived version of the old website to identify which keywords were being targeted on each page. These pages were ranking well for high volume, valuable terms, so it was vital they were mapped out correctly so the pages would rank again. 

Local Digital refreshed the existing meta-data, incorporating the once removed keywords and eliminating the large amount of keyword cannibilisation that had been introduced to the new site. New optimised copy was added to the home and category pages behind a read-more widget, giving Google what it needed to see but keeping the aesthetics of the layout in-tact.

A link audit identified dozens of questionable backlinks which were disavowed and replaced by authoritative, high quality sites and publications.

The Results

Not only did Local Digital recover the lost traffic and rankings, we smashed the previous results out of the park!

Overall Google visibility increased by 160%, and as a result Organic Traffic to the site increased by 84%.

The results don’t stop there… 

Organic Sales Enquiries increased by 650% and that number is improving each month. 

Keywords in Positions 1-3 were up 60%, with main money terms such as ‘Photocopiers’ and Commercial Printers appearing in the top spot. In fact, there are over 300 keywords which have now made the top of Page 1 their permanent home.