How We Helped Podiatry First Increase Leads by 73% and Traffic by 373%

373% Increase SEO Traffic

adowrds conversion rate improvements

73% Increase Conversion Rate

increase adwords leads

93% Increase Revenue

The team at Local Digital have been very helpful in redesigning our website, building landing pages for our Adwords campaigns and getting us good quality leads. They really know their stuff, and have boosted our business in a significant way.

I couldn't recommend them enough.
Mo Ali
Podiatry First

The Problem

Like most businesses, Podiatry First rely on generating leads online, but the problem was… they weren’t getting any.

The website was not designed in a way to generate leads, and the AdWords campaign had been mismanaged. Throw in the fact they had no visibility in the Google organic results and it was a recipe for next to no sales.

Podiatry First knew something had to change, and fast, so Local Digital was tasked with one thing – generating more leads online.

The old website and marketing weren't cutting it:
Local Digital built a new high converting website & online advertising campaign:

The Solution

Local Digital built a new website that focused on converting visitors into leads. This was achieved through the use of direct response copywriting and design principles proven to convert.

SEO was factored in from the ground up, with optimised meta data, content, internal linking and outreach campaign.

In the interim, Local Digital designed and built high converting landing pages targeting specific service areas to open the new customer flood gates while the new site was built.

Finally, a laser focused Google Ads campaign was built to generate further sales.

The Results


The SEO results achieved in a short space of time were outstanding.

Keyword visibility increased significantly, with many ranking in the top positions in Google.

Keywords in positions 1-3 increased by 102%, many of these primary terms such as ‘Podiatrist Sydney’ and ‘Podiatrist Bondi Junction’.

Organic traffic to the site has increased 373% on the back of the work performed by Local Digital.


Thanks to ongoing optimisation of the AdWords campaign, the leads generated for Podiatry First continue to improve each month.

Online leads have increased by 73% since we have worked on the account, despite us no longer bidding on ‘Podiatrist First’ brand keywords (which the old agency were previously using to drive the lion’s share of traffic and conversions).

Local Digital continue to provide proactive monitoring and optimisation of campaigns, ad groups, ad copy, bidding and keyword targeting each month, generating more revenue and lowering the cost per new customer each month.


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