Google Analytics Audits & Set-Ups

Google Analytics Setup

Are you running Google Analytics out of the box, or have you optimised it to make the most of its powerful features?

We make sure your Google Analytics installation is tracking every click, purchase and interaction. Make informed marketing decisions based on reliable data now.

Google Tag Manager Set-up & Audits

Google Tag Manager

Rather than waiting months for site code updates, Google Tag Manager lets you launch new tags with just a few clicks, and no need for expensive developers.

Local Digital can help you migrate to Google Tag Manager, as well as set up all tracking, container tags, ecomm integration and other nerdy good stuff.

Custom Reporting

Custom Reporting

Tracking things properly is half the battle. You also need to interpret that data, and report it to key stakeholders in a way that makes sense.

Get beautiful reporting for your digital marketing campaigns. We handle the analytics integration & dashboard builds, while you make decisions on the back of it.

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