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We’re the SEO agency Melbourne business owners turn to when they want results. We’re not the cheapest, but if you’re looking for expert service and a profitable return from your SEO investment our super experienced team will deliver amazing results.

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Revenue Over Rankings

You’re probably fending them off every day: low-quality Melbourne SEO agencies jamming up your phones and inbox with promises of page one and rankings.

Let’s be honest – do you really care about Google rankings or are new customers and revenue what’s important?

In addition to the leading SEO Melbourne has to offer, we also have an obsessive focus on conversion. Our SEO campaigns are finely tuned to attract “wallets out” visitors to your website and turn them from a browser to a buyer.

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The Local Digital Difference

Work with a Melbourne SEO agency that will:

  1. Discover your business goals & opportunities
  2. Craft a plan to score you Google visibility & website traffic
  3. Convert the traffic to leads & sale

Because rankings are nice, website traffic is better, but new customers are what it’s all about.

At Local Digital, our Melbourne SEO experts have a relentless focus on all three.

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What Is SEO Melbourne?

SEO Melbourne is the process of increasing traffic to a website via unpaid and organic content.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It focuses on different facets of an organisation’s online presence to enhance overall visibility.

As the digital material improves, the website climbs higher in search engine results under specific keywords and phrases, which increases traffic organically.

A SEO campaign improves the quantity and quality of online traffic. The process takes many forms, including:

  1. A/B testing webpages
  2. Backlinks
  3. Deleting zombie pages
  4. Embedding long-tail keywords in title tags
  5. Filling out meta descriptions
  6. Improving content shareability
  7. Inserting hyperlinks to content authorities
  8. Structuring webpages and HTML
  9. Targeting underutilised keywords and phrases
  10. Updating headlines and blog posts

Each optimisation technique carries varying significance. For instance, linking out to authorities and improved headlines are the finishing touches. Other elements are more foundational, like indexing optimisation. There is a clear order of operation when implementing improvements for Melbourne SEO purposes.

The basis of a successful SEO strategy and SEO campaign is a website that crawlers can easily index. Crawlers come from search engines—a way of evaluating the quality of a site. It is in a company’s best interests to make it as easy as possible for search engines to index its website.

After establishing a coherent structure, Melbourne SEO focuses on developing engaging content. The material can take the form of blog posts, videos, pictures, or other multimedia. The essential component is that the content answers any questions visitors may have in a compelling manner.

Another critical part of Melbourne SEO is the use of keywords and phrases to distinguish a company online. These words are what people will use to find the business. Focusing on specific keywords and phrases will also allow search engines to develop a connection between them and the company.

These three steps are essential to successful SEO Melbourne, where the focus shifts to improving competitiveness in other target areas, such as speed, user experience, citations, and schema mark up.

These aspects are valuable, but only worth the time and effort if your company has proper SEO building blocks in place.

How SEO Will Grow Your Business

Potential customers need to find a company online easily if they are going to purchase the products or services. It requires the business to optimise its content in several ways, such as backlinking, meta descriptions, or informative blog posts. Together, these SEO services make a company more accessible online.

The SEO Melbourne process is cyclical—when companies optimise content, it earns a higher page rank on specific search results, which leads to more visitors clicking on the site and engaging with the content. The increase in potential customers should also lead to a corresponding jump in sales.

If new customers enjoy the product and spread the word, the company continues to rise in both search engine rankings, reputation, and sales.

It is almost impossible to overstate the importance of higher page ranking. According to Search Engine Watch, 53 per cent of organic search clicks go toward the first link. The second link receives 15 percent while third, fourth, and fifth on the list receive nine percent, six percent, and four percent of the clicks, respectively.

A higher position on Page One will increase traffic in addition to legitimising the business. Consumers perceive a company toward the top of the search results as more authentic than lower-down competitors. The by-products of visible SEO Melbourne will enhance the business’ overall reputation in so many ways.

SEO Melbourne can improve legitimacy in the eyes of search engines considerably. Companies, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, want to connect users with the highest quality results available. If a website is a source of consistent and informative content that is useful to visitors, those search engines are more likely to reward the site with higher page rankings.

SEO Melbourne can also grow a business by reducing overhead costs. Proper SEO Melbourne creates a perpetual flow of new visitors to the site, which in turn bolsters the bottom line for all involved. Companies will not have to spend as much of their annual budget on advertising or marketing costs as the momentum increases.

Search engine optimisation Melbourne takes a while to take hold, though. A company may have to produce content for three to six months before seeing the fruits of the labour, so patience and proactivity are required.

Once the organisation reaches the break-even point, though, the SEO results will be well worth the investment.

What Is Our SEO Strategy?

Business has never been more competitive, and the digital aspect has only complicated it. More consumers and companies are recognising the value of an online presence. The surge toward online relevance means that each business must fight harder than ever to reach the top of the pack.

Audiences are also divided along market segments. People demand that businesses cater to customer’s interests if they are going to buy a product or give loyalty to the brand. It is no longer good enough to produce a daily blog or splash a few catchy headlines.

Content must be engaging, informative, authoritative, and unique to attract the attention of target audiences.

Our Local Digital professionals understand the evolution of the digital marketplace when developing customised SEO Melbourne strategies. As a premier SEO consultant Melbourne trusts, we leverage data to drive the content creation process and distinguish our clientele.

Companies can trace every tactic in our strategies back to data-driven evidence, showing why it will work. For example, the ideal length for a blog post is 1,000 to 1,500 words. It doesn’t hurt to go longer, but this range represents the sweet spot between a reader’s attention and content engagement.

It also provides enough space for companies to thoroughly tell a story or explain a promotion while inserting the optimal number of keywords for SEO Melbourne to take effect.

Blog posts should target two to five keywords per piece. Local Digital uses these insights as a way of promoting quality over quantity. It is significantly more important for blog posts to focus on a few key points, rather than stuffing in keywords for the sake of optimisation.

As a local SEO agency Melbourne trusts, Local Digital also believes in complete transparency. We will be the first to tell clients that we are not the cheapest in town, nor do we strive for one-off projects. Our average client uses our Melbourne SEO for more than three years, and it’s those valued relationships that are the most important to us.

Take our case study with Fitness Muscle Meals, for example. The company had an excellent product, but an engaging website, AdWords campaigns, and organic traffic were non-existent. Instead of salvaging the existing site, we built Fitness Muscle Meals a new website with sharp copywriting and engaging design while implementing a concerted Google Ads campaign.

In only a few months, the company saw a 71 per cent increase in SEO Melbourne traffic and a 93 per cent increase in revenue.

How Local Digital Is Different

Local Digital focuses on delivering optimal results for clients. We only succeed when clients do. It is this customer-first mentality that has our employees committed to your projects, from the idea stage to the tangible development of your operation.

Our SEO company Melbourne has consistently proven itself with clients around the world. From multinational corporations, like Konica Minolta, to local establishments, like First Class Roofing, our team has improved the client’s quantity and quality of traffic. We even have the case studies to prove it.

As a digital marketing agency, we are distinct among SEO Melbourne operations in our niche. We decline more than 60 per cent of enquires to ensure that our skills maximise the potential customer SEO results.

Local Digital firmly believes in optimising the customer experience.

American distance runner, Steve Prefontaine, said it best; “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.”

The process often requires us to consult clients with unpleasant truths, but as SEO Melbourne experts, we are confident we can add value to your business. It occasionally means pushing back against misguided suggestions, but our radical transparency is something clients have come to value from the Local Digital team.

We understand that SEO Melbourne will be an unfamiliar concept to many clients, and we take the time to walk people through our process with a COMPLIMENTARY CONSULTATION. It allows us to learn about the needs and goals of a company and explore the best approach.

Our SEO team manually reviews your site, your competitor’s websites, and untapped opportunities for you to develop a unique SEO strategy. Each plan is tailored to the needs of the individual and does not require an obligatory purchase.

Our customised plans feature an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your existing SEO, Google AdWords, and social media practices. There is also a section that outlines the specific steps that Local Digital will take to improve areas of need and fortify existing strongholds.

We will have a team member walk clients through the findings to ensure a thorough understanding of the proposal before any commitment is made to our partnership.

Call us today for more information. Every company that reaches out to us will receive a FREE quote and an SEO Melbourne plan.

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