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Here’s a quick story on why video testimonials are a must in your business.

I’m Michael, one of the founders of Local Digital.

We’ve used video testimonials to add millions in revenue and new customers to our business.

Do you have happy customers?

If you do, testimonial videos will work the same magic for you.

Here’s the proof:

We started our business in 2015. Two founders working in this tiny shoebox sized office. No clients, no revenue and no salaries to us:


We’ve grown to a team of 35 + people with a slightly bigger new office:

The first three years in business we plodded along and grew slowly.

The next three years we grew from 4 people to 35 +

We’re now a multi-million dollar business.

What was the magic ingredient?

High quality video testimonials.

We simply recorded our satisfied clients talking about their experience with us and put the video on our website, in our ads and in our sales proposals.

If you have happy customers then a video testimonial will work for you too

$3,000 fixed cost. Full refund guaranteed if you’re not happy with the video.

It all started for us when we created this video.

The production was a little rough, but it still had a massive impact on our business:

That video helped us grow from a couple of people to ten when we used it in Facebook ads and all over our website.

Are you picturing those one or two customers of your own that might make a good testimonial video for your business?

Hopefully you are, because if you get it right it can be a game changer for your business.

But the video that really turbocharged our customer and revenue growth was this one:



That single video has been a massive success…

By this video we had fine tuned our production process, the questions we ask and our approach to video testimonials (and if you work with us your video will benefit from the same know how).

This video has been used in advertising, emails, on our website and been a massively compelling form of social proof that has helped us grow customers, recruit new team members, score media coverage and win industry awards.

Imagine an asset like this in your business.

These testimonial videos have been so powerful for us we have gone on to create 12 of them and racked up thousands of views on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram:

You need the same in your business.

That’s why we have built a video production team in house.

This crack squad of testimonial video gurus are standing by to craft you a compelling, high production value, customer generating video right now.

We will spend a full day shooting video testimonial content with your customer. Our editors will cut together multiple version for web and socials. We’ll even cut another video together just for your customer to say thanks for doing the testimonial.

Your top-quality videos are delivered to you for use as irresistible social proof in ads, on your website, in your emails – the list is endless.

And we’re so confident in our work that if you’re not happy with the finished product just let us know – we’ll refund you, making your video 100% risk free:

$3,000 fixed cost. Full refund guaranteed if you’re not happy with the video.


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