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Exceptional Growth At The Speed of Google.

Don’t settle for “spray and pray advertising” like radio or newspapers in the hope your customers happen to be paying attention.

With Google Ads, you can put your business in front of your potential customers at the very moment they are actively searching for your product or service… and do it over and over again.

When done right, it is one of the most powerful growth machines available to your business today.

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From initial keyword research to ongoing optimisation, our platform is your complete solution for managing Google Ads, driving targeted traffic to increase conversions.
Analytics & Reporting
Access immediate, easy-to-understand data on ad performance with our real-time analytics and visual reporting, helping you make smart, data-driven decisions.
Tailored Ad Strategies
Our seasoned marketing pros deliver tailored ad strategies based on your goals, industry, and audience, crafting ads that resonate and yield measurable results.

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Winner 2022
Best Large Integrated Agency
Finalist 2022
Best Marketing Agency
Winner 2022
Integrated Marketing Campaign
Shortlist 2022
Media & Marketing Category
4 x Finalist 2022
including Best Advertising Campaign
Winner 2021
Best Use of Search - B2C
3 x Finalist 2022
including Best Large Agency
2021, 2022 & 2023
Media & Advertising
Winner 2021
Top B2B Advertising & Marketing
3 x Finalist 2020
Including Best SEO Campaign
Finalist 2022
Best Business Podcast The SEO Show

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All You Can Eat
We'll do whatever it takes in the account to get the results you're looking for. No limits on campaigns, ad groups, keywords or anything.
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You'll always know how your campaign is performing with our consistent monthly reporting pulling back the curtains on your Google Ads.
Slack Communication
Chat directly with your team in your own custom Slack channel. No emails being siloed or messages being missed with your entire team across it.
Rock Solid Process
We're obsessed with processes. That's why you'll receive a premium Google Ads agency experience from onboarding to ongoing.
Custom Technology
Our inhouse development team have built propritary Google Ads management tools to help us deliver you better results, faster,
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Across our senior team we have decades of experience in Google Ads alone. That know how has been bottled up and passed down through the team.
Dedicated Team
You'll be assigned an account manager and Google Ads manager and be able to leverage our wider team of copywriters, designers and digital specialists.
Your Goals At The Core
Google Ads is just an advertising channel. That doesn't excite you. More sales does. That's why everything we do in your Google Ads account is to drive more customers for your business.

Frequently asked  questions

What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is a dynamic advertising platform where advertisers bid on specific keywords to display their ads in Google search results. This system is centred around keyword targeting, which requires careful consideration of factors like potential traffic, cost, relevance, click-through rates, and Quality Scores.

The effectiveness of a Google Ads campaign lies in its strategic approach to keyword selection. For example, if your business is in Sydney and you specialise in plumbing, appearing at the top for the keyword “plumber Sydney” would be beneficial. However, this involves competing with other well-known brands in a highly competitive space. It's not just about being visible; it's about being strategically visible.

At Local Digital, our approach to managing Google Ads involves deep analysis and optimisation. We focus on targeting under-demanded yet highly relevant keywords for your business, enhancing the probability of attracting qualified traffic to your site. This method ensures that every dollar of your marketing budget is invested wisely, aiming for the highest possible return. By entrusting your Google Ads management to top-tier professionals like us, you ensure that every aspect of your campaign is finely tuned for success.

How Do Google Ads and SEO Work Together?

When we talk about digital marketing strategies, Google Ads and SEO might seem like different players, but together, they're a powerhouse duo. Combining these tactics can significantly enhance your marketing outcomes: driving more qualified traffic, boosting visibility on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and ultimately delivering a better return on investment.

Firstly, it's important to understand that Google Ads (PPC) doesn’t directly influence your SEO in the traditional sense. Spending more on Google Ads won't automatically boost your organic search rankings. Likewise, a competitor's organic ranking isn't elevated just because they're investing heavily in Google Ads. Google’s Search Quality team ensures a clear distinction between paid ads and organic rankings.

However, the synergy between SEO and PPC is where the magic happens. SEO is a long-term strategy and can take time to yield results. Here, Google Ads can be a game changer. It offers immediate visibility, helping to offset the initial slow pace of organic SEO growth. This means you can start driving more qualified traffic to your site right away.

But there's more. Studies, including those conducted by Google, reveal a fascinating interplay between organic and paid searches. Users who see a paid ad are often more inclined to click on an organic listing of the same brand, and vice versa. Additionally, strong organic search results can lead to higher click-through rates for PPC ads on the same SERP.

Running SEO and Google Ads campaigns concurrently isn't just beneficial—it's strategic. The real kicker? Data. With both strategies in play, you have a wealth of data at your fingertips. Insights gleaned from your PPC campaigns can be incredibly valuable in refining your SEO tactics. This might involve using successful ad copy or high-performing keywords to inform your organic content strategy, enhancing engagement further. By harnessing the power of combined data, you're not just making informed decisions; you're continually refining your overall digital marketing strategy to better connect with your target audience.

In summary, the collaboration between Google Ads and SEO isn't just beneficial; it's essential for a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy. Keep in mind, just because an SEO agency whether based in Parramatta Sydney Gold Coast or elsewhere offers Google Ads, it doesn't mean they specialise in it.

How do I choose the right PPC agency?

Choosing the right Google Adwords agency is crucial to maximise your digital marketing efforts. It's about finding a team that not only understands your business goals but also has the expertise to drive leads and conversions through effective PPC campaigns. Here’s what to consider:

Check for Genuine Reviews and Recommendations: Start by exploring consumer reviews, but be cautious of fake ones. Scrutinise the reviewer's profile, their business authenticity, and other reviews they’ve left. Don't just rely on the score; dig deeper. Also, consider recommendations from trusted colleagues or friends who have in d experience with the agency. If the agency they're highly recommended then there is no harm in starting a conversation. Always keep an eye out for testimonials! A testimonial video is hard to fake - and if the client is willing to jump in front of a camera, you know the agency is doing something right!

Look for Specialisation and Experience: The right agency should specialise in PPC, much like you’d visit a dentist for a toothache. They should have a proven track record with pay-per-click campaigns, not just general digital marketing or web design. Check their experience and ask for case studies or stats like Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), and return on investment (ROI) from previous campaigns.

Certifications Matter: Ensure the Adwords agency has relevant certifications, particularly from major platforms like Google and Facebook. These certifications are not just logos on a website; they indicate a deep understanding of the platforms.

Transparency and Reporting: A trustworthy agency will be transparent about their strategies and reporting. You should have full access to your PPC accounts and be able to see all the metrics, from leads and sales to CPC and CPA. The agency should report in a clear and consistent manner.

Effective Communication and Chemistry: Regular communication is key. How often will they update you? Are they open about their methods? Beware of agencies that don’t allow access to your own PPC accounts - this is a massive red flag. Also, consider the chemistry between your team and theirs - you want to feel comfortable talking to the people managing your Google ads campaigns. A good working relationship is essential for long-term success.

Evaluate Their KPIs and Metrics: Superficial metrics like click-through rates and impressions don't tell the whole story. Look for agencies that focus on meaningful metrics such as cost-per-acquisition, conversion volume, or return on ad spend.

Assess the Team's Expertise: Investigate the agency's team. Are they a churn-and-burn operation with more salespeople than marketing experts?  Do they have extensive experience in digital marketing and PPC management? Avoid agencies that seem more focused on sales than technical expertise.

By considering these factors, you can ensure you choose a ads agency like Local Digital that not only understands your needs but also has the skills and approach to drive your business towards greater digital success.

How do you pay for Google Ads?

Advertising on Google AdWords requires that you set up a Google account (this is something we can do for you). You can specify the amount of money you want to spend on campaigns, as well as the associated keywords you want highlighted, and the duration of your ad run. Prices will vary depending on the run time and the demand for keywords and what you have bid for them. Again, all of this is a service we take care of for our clients.

You can enter billing information in the “Billing & Payments” section. If you already set up your account, you can also add or remove payment methods. Google AdWords accepts payments via credit and debit cards as well as direct connections with bank accounts.

Payments will be either manual or automatic. If you want complete control over your budget, manual lets you pay all, some, or more than the average balance. If you plan on indefinite advertising with specific keywords, automatic payments may be the most straightforward option for you.

How does Google advertising work?

Google AdWords is a form of paid advertising that allows you to place ads on search-engine results pages. Marketers use the platform to find and bid on keywords or search phrases that correspond with your business focus. If you win the bid, your ads will show up whenever those terms appear during a consumer search.

You can pay via cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-impression (CPM). CPC means you will only pay Google when someone clicks on the hyperlink in your ad. CPM is less common and involves paying once every time 1,000 see your advertisement, regardless of whether they click-through on the link – this is used when you are displaying image banner ads on other sites rather than on Google search itself.

The cost of your advertisements depends on three factors: your maximum bids, the competitiveness of each keyword, and the Quality Score. For instance, broad phrases such as “sandwich” or “toast” will be relatively inexpensive because they are so broad that there is little commercial value in them – you’d need to have thousands of people click the ads before one that was ready to buy came through. Conversely, the competition for a keyword like “emergency plumber Sydney” will be intense – it’s for a service that has a high value if the business wins the customer and the customer has the need there and then so practically have their wallets out.

So there is a lot that goes into Google AdWords management – it’s best left to the expert team at Local Digital to handle for you. Get started now with a free proposal – just click that pink button!

How much does Google Ads management cost?

Understanding the cost of Google Ads management is vital for any business owner considering this powerful marketing tool. The complexity of Google Ads' auction-based system means that pricing isn't straightforward and is influenced by various factors.

Each Google Ads campaign will be different. The cost is significantly affected by your business's industry and the keywords you choose. Competitive fields such as legal and accounting often see higher cost-per-click (CPC) rates compared to less competitive sectors like arts and entertainment. While the average CPC across industries might range from $2 to $5, highly competitive keywords can escalate costs dramatically, sometimes up to $1,000 per click. These variations highlight the importance of strategic keyword selection and industry-specific considerations in budget planning.

It's more effective to view Google Ads management as an investment rather than a mere expense. The key is to focus on the return you get from each dollar spent. A higher investment in Google Ads typically leads to greater returns, but it's essential to evaluate if these returns are in proportion to your increased spending. This perspective helps in effectively managing your PPC budget and achieving the desired results.

The management cost also correlates with your ad spend. Larger ad budgets require more intensive management to ensure effectiveness. As such, a business spending significantly on ads will logically incur higher management fees compared to one with a smaller budget. This scaling of management costs with ad spend underscores the need for expert handling of larger, more complex campaigns.

Another critical aspect to consider is the time and expertise required for effective Google Ads management. It's not just about setting up campaigns but also about continuously optimising them. Proper management involves detailed analysis and strategic adjustments, which require time and expertise. Therefore, while cheaper services may seem attractive, they might not offer the comprehensive management necessary for the best outcomes. Opting for an experienced agency, even at a higher cost, could lead to more effective campaign management and better overall returns.

When selecting a Google Ads management service, the experience and certification of the agency should be a primary consideration. Agencies with a proven track record and Google Partner certification are often better equipped to maximise your investment and drive significant revenue growth.

The choice between local and overseas agencies is a crucial consideration. While overseas services may offer lower rates, local agencies typically provide more reliable, market-specific expertise that is essential for the success of your PPC campaigns. The overseas staff might be technical, however, there could be crucial language barriers and other issues when it comes to keywords and phrases.

The cost of Google Ads management varies based on several factors, including industry, keyword competitiveness, ad spend, and agency expertise. Each Google Ads campaign will be different. While the investment may be significant, choosing the right agency—one that aligns with your business needs and goals—can offer substantial returns and contribute to your business's growth.

Are Google Ads worth it?

We understand why you’re asking this question – it’s the bottom line, after all. We think another way of looking at it is this: Can you afford not to advertise your business on Google? It is, after all, the biggest search engine on the internet, so synonymous with searching that we even say “I’ll Google it” when we mean we will perform a search!

Google Ads is certainly worth it in the fact that it considers not only the specific industry of your business, but also current trends and the ins-and-outs of who your target customer is.

There are also a whole host of features alongside Google Ads which you can use, depending on the nature of your business, such as Google Shopping Ads and Google Business Profiles.

Alongside the peace of mind that you will get from knowing that your business is ‘out there’ when you use Google Ads, you will also get detailed analytics from Google which can help you to drive your strategy and work out your next steps as a business.

We think Google Ads is worth it for the package you get comparative with the cost you pay.

Are Google Ads better than Facebook Ads?

Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads have their strengths and in many ways, setting them up against each other isn’t the smartest way of looking at it, as they target diverse users and work quite differently.

However, in terms of paid advertising, we think Google Ads just takes the edge over Facebook Ads. Both platforms have a huge reach – literally billions of people – but Facebook Ads is more about paid social than paid advertising.

Google Ads is definitely the biggest and most widely used of the PPC advertising options out there. Importantly, potential customers on Google are usually actively looking for a product or service, whereas those on Facebook are more likely to just click by chance.
We also like that Google Ads is more about the quality of the advertising rather than the amount of money spent. This makes for a better consumer platform, especially given that Google Ads offers a wide range of ad formats to its users, meaning they can choose what suits them. Ultimately, you can choose what works for you!

Are Google Ads expensive?

One of the best things about Google Ads is your ability to control your budget. You decide how much you spend; there are no hidden costs. Best of all, you won’t pay a single cent if nobody clicks on your ad. This ensures that you really will get a return on your investment.

How much you spend depends on the size and reach of your business. Many small businesses will spend around $1000 (AUD) a month on Google Ads. Huge corporations spend millions! You can decide – and you can increase your spend when your business does well.

There is no denying that, in order to see a result, you do need to be prepared to put some of your hard-earned cash into Google Ads. But Google reckons that those who use their Ads platform will usually double their investment. Not bad, hey?

It is, of course, possible to spend loads on Google Ads and to miss the mark. That’s why we recommend hiring an expert who can do the hard work for you. After all, you’re an expert in your field, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have the knowhow for online marketing. Why should you? Luckily, we are here to help.

Exploring the Different Types of Google Ads

In the dynamic world of Google Ads, understanding the various ad types is crucial to crafting a campaign that aligns with your business goals. Each ad format offers unique ways to engage with your target audience, ensuring your message resonates effectively.

Search Ads are a staple in Google's arsenal, appearing prominently on search engine results pages. Ideal for capturing the attention of customers poised to purchase, these ads can significantly elevate your conversion rates with the right mix of timely placement, compelling copywriting, and an attractive offer. They're about getting seen by the right customer at the perfect moment.

Display Ads span across an extensive network of websites and apps within the Google Display Network, offering a visual approach to advertising. These ads are excellent for boosting brand awareness and catching the eye of potential customers in various online environments. The addition of images or creative visuals can make your brand more memorable and engaging.

Video Ads tap into the immense popularity of YouTube, providing an engaging format to showcase your products or services. Whether they appear at the start, middle, or end of videos, these ads offer a dynamic way to build a visual and emotional connection with viewers. It's about bringing the unique story of your brand to life in a format that captivates and informs.

Google Shopping Ads
leverage the shopping searches on Google to bring your products directly in front of potential buyers. While Google Shopping isn't a shopping site itself, it's an effective gateway for driving traffic to your online store. These ads are particularly powerful for making your products stand out with compelling offers right at the moment when consumers are ready to buy.

Retargeting Ads, or remarketing, enables you to reconnect with visitors who have previously interacted with your website but haven't converted yet. By placing a remarketing tag on your site, you can target these potential customers with specific ads as they continue their online journey. This strategy is highly effective for reminding them of their interest in your products and nudging them towards making a purchase.

Performance Max, a newer addition to the Google Ads suite, is a game-changer for many advertisers. It utilises Google's machine learning to automatically optimise ad placements and bidding across all Google networks, including YouTube, Display, Search, and more. This means your ads are dynamically adjusted to reach the right audience at the right time, across multiple channels, maximising performance and efficiency.

Utilising these different types of Google Ads allows you to tailor your digital marketing strategy to meet specific objectives, whether it's driving immediate sales, enhancing brand recognition, or engaging past website visitors. Each ad type, with its unique features and advantages, plays a vital role in the success of your overall marketing campaign.

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