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We’re a team of experienced digital marketers working to give business owners & managers an honest, transparent service that generates meaningful growth in their business. We’re proud of our “nerd first” & client results driven culture.

So why bring your skills toLocal Digital?

We’re digital marketers, first and foremost. This means we hire top-shelf team members with a "nerd first" attitude and focus on growth for our clients. At Local Digital, the right tactics, strategy and results for the client always come first, so the work is meaningful and rewarding.
“We're on a mission to build a digital marketing agency our clients desire and competitors admire. Not the biggest team. Not the most revenue. Rather, we seek to build an agency we're all proud of. We chase excellence in our brand, culture and growth for our clients through constant refinement and levelling up in all we do as a business."
Michael Costin
Co-Founder, Local Digital

Our Mantra


We're proud of our nerdy culture. We live and breathe digital marketing, and will only hire people with the same, quirky outlook. When you love what you do, the results usually follow. We are not the “plumber with a leaky sink.” The very techniques we recommend and apply to our clients are being applied to our own business right now. We know the tactics we use will generate results for you because they already work for us and our clients.


With digital marketing, you have a wealth of data at your fingertips. For marketing campaigns, decisions should be made based on logic, not emotions. We rigorously test, track, and trace data. Rather than simply sending “eyeballs” to our clients’ websites, we match company objectives with marketing metrics to ensure that your goals are met.


In everything we do. From sales to day-to-day work and in communication with clients. Dodgy digital agencies are infamous for promising the world to clients just to win the deal. For us however, we only make promises on aspects we have control over, such as the quality of our work and our service. Expect us to be genuine and authentic in all our dealings.

Current openings

Even if you don’t find a suitable position, if you think you're a fit for our team please reach out via our contact page.