How We Decreased Bill Buckle Subaru’s CPA By 72% While Increasing Leads By 84%

The Problem

Bill Buckle Subaru is one of the top volume Subaru dealers in Australia.

What was lacking in volume however, was the leads they were receiving from their AdWords account.

Bill Buckle reached out to Local Digital to see if they could derive more leads from AdWords without increasing their existing monthly spend.

The Solution

After reviewing the existing set-up, Local Digital decided it was best to rebuild the AdWords account from scratch.

This included:

  • A brand new keyword list
  • New campaign structure breaking out the relevant brand and non brand keywords
  • Location targeting based on selected postcodes
  • Key focus on location based keywords and ad copy
  • Revised destination URL’s to ensure the user landed on the most relevant page
  • Specific device bids
  • Budget weighting towards set days based on previous data
  • Multiple versions of ad copy to attain strong Click Through Rates and high Quality Scores

The Results

AdWords Results

Within the first month immediate results were seen from the new AdWords account.

Not only did Conversion Rate skyrocket, but leads almost doubled – that was from only HALF of the previous months spend.

Leads increased by 84%.

Conversion Rate increased by 247%.

Cost Per Lead decreased 72%

This was all still within month one! With continued optimisations and management of the account, Local Digital aims to improve upon these results and take the Bill Buckle business from strength to strength.

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