How We Reduced Konica Minolta’s AdWords Cost Per Lead By 147% While Increasing Leads By 285%

The Problem

Konica Minolta is a market leader in providing integrated print hardware and software solutions.

Despite being globally recognised for their award winning products, their AdWords account was delivering a low number of inbound leads at a high cost per acquisition.

Konica Minolta sought out Local Digital for help. The brief was simple – find a way to get more leads from AdWords while reducing the average cost per lead.

The Solution

After reviewing the existing AdWords account, it was clear a complete overhaul of the account was needed. This included:

  • Extensive analysis of historical data
  • Restructuring the Campaign set-up to ensure budgets were more efficiently allocated
  • Identify converting vs. non-converting keywords
  • Refreshing all Ad Copy to be more specific to the user query
  • Updating all Ad Extensions and ensuring every Campaign/Ad Group had relevant extensions showing
  • Removing all irrelevant keywords
  • Expanding the existing negative keyword list
  • Targeting additional keywords that were missing from the account
  • Device specific bidding
  • Specific budgets for different days of the week
  • Improving existing Landing Pages
  • Revising existing Bid strategies

The Results

AdWords Results

After only a few months of running the new account structure, the impact was evidently noticeable on Konica Minolta’s end – their AdWords account was finally performing and they were now receiving a constant inflow of leads.

Year on year Leads increased 285%.

Conversion Rate increased 181% from the previous year.

Cost Per Lead decreased 147%

Local Digital continue to proactively optimise the account, implement new strategies and test various Landing Pages and offers. This has seen an ongoing improvement in account performance and greater utilisation of advertising spend.

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