How We Helped Fitness Muscle Meals Increase Revenue by 93% & Traffic by 71%

The Problem

Fitness Muscle Meals sell healthy meals targeted at gym goers. They very much rely on making sales online, but the problem was… they weren’t making any.

The website was not designed in a way to encourage sales, and the AdWords campaign had been mismanaged. Throw in the fact they had no visibility in the Google organic results and it was a recipe for next to no sales.

Fitness Muscle Meals knew something had to change, and fast, so Local Digital was tasked with one thing – generating more sales online.

The Solution

Local Digital built a new website that focused on converting visitors into sales. This was achieved through the use of direct response copywriting and design principles proven to convert.

SEO was factored in from the ground up, with optimised meta data, content, internal linking and outreach campaign.

Finally, a laser focused Google Ads campaign was built to generate further sales, as well as Facebook ads and remarketing.

The Results


The SEO results achieved in a short space of time were fantastic.

Keyword visibility increased significantly, with many ranking in the top positions in Google.

Organic traffic to the site increased 71% on the back of the increased visibility.

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