How We Helped Freedom Retractable Screens Generate Facebook Leads

The Problem

Freedom Retractable Screens are Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of retractable fly screens. They are an industry leader that offer the perfect fusion of style and innovative technology for indoor and outdoor living spaces.

When we started on the account, the client was not using their business manager suite and simply boosting posts. They were not using their website or a landing page that offered any further information and ran all their leads through Facebook Messenger. We noticed a lot of the messages were asking for more information about the products on offer and whilst the volume of messages were high, the number of leads remained low.

We also noticed that their targeting was not detailed, and they were not using the platform to its full potential to maximise their leads and their conversion rate. We noticed there was a gap between their budget and the conversions they were pulling in.

By simply boosting posts, businesses are unable to access the full potential of audience data that the business manager suite holds. They were hoping to realise the full potential of Facebook Marketing for Business and we were able to help them do so.

The Solution

Freedom Retractable Screens engaged Local Digital to help improve both the quality and quantity of leads generated via paid ads. We started by building out a Facebook Ads Manager account for the client as well as work through custom and standard audiences. We were able to create custom audiences off the back off their pixel data, building out lookalike audiences and retargeting audiences. We built out a landing page for them, ensuring any questions that users had would be answered before submitting a lead.

We built out a campaign reaching our prospecting audiences, one ad set focussing solely on lookalikes and the other interest based. Our second campaign was purely focused on retargeting for users who did not submit a lead but showed interest through browsing the landing page.

By using the client’s unedited videos and copy, we were able to educate users on the product and offering and further encouraging them to find out more information. This proved to be the best framework for their ads as within the first three months, we were able to generate 220 leads at a very profitable cost per lead. When we started, we were allocated half the ad spend budget, and within the first three months, were able to scale the campaigns up.

The Results

The results came instantly, and this is the benefit of using an agency to help you use the tools available to your business.

After three months on the account, the leads volume continued to increase, and we were able to scale up the ads using higher budgets. Using the landing page, we were able to remove a high number of ‘dead’ leads and ‘spam messages’ submitted.

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