How We Helped iLogic4G+ Increase Their Enquiry Rate by 165%

The Problem

iLogic4G+ is a new business providing internet solutions to those living in regional Victoria. They offer a unique solution for those that can’t connect to reliable speeds on the NBN and have been told satellite is their only option.

Entering the new market with such a unique offering gave us the challenge of finding out what was key to people in the market. It was key to ensure that the page was getting the best possible conversion rate before expanding on campaigns. This way we could feel confident that traffic to the site would be converting and the business would be getting the best Cost per Lead.

The Solution

Running an A/B test in the landing page copy allowed us to quickly identify which copy people were connecting with and what was driving more enquiries for the business.

One page tested on more concise headlines using location-based terms and drawing to the main benefit that some customers had seen a 700% increase in internet speeds by utilising their technology.

The other page went slightly more in-depth into the technology used and highlighted the same 700% benefit but bundled with more technical terms.

The Results

The results came instantly, and this is the benefit of using an agency to help you use the tools available to your business.

After three months on the account, the leads volume continued to increase, and we were able to scale up the ads using higher budgets. Using the landing page, we were able to remove a high number of ‘dead’ leads and ‘spam messages’ submitted.

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