How We Helped In Sport Increase Paid Search Revenue by 225%

The Problem

In Sport started out with a small store in 1983 in the Sydney suburb of Burwood. It was based on a vision of a new type of sports store that specialised in sports clothing and footwear. Since then it has grown to be one of NSW leading sports clothing and footwear retailers.

With multiple stores across Sydney, the bulk of their sales came from bricks and mortar stores. Their online presence was lacking, and as a result they needed a Paid Media strategy to drive profitable sales online.

In Sport had run Google Ads in the past, however the return on ad spend was too low and not cost efficient. This prevented them from scaling at a profitable rate, and as such put them at a stand still. The account was also heavily reliant on Brand traffic – this meant we needed to find a way to increase return, whilst focusing on a completely new audience.

The Solution

In Sport engaged Local Digital to review their current account and restructure the existing set-up. After extensive data analysis it was quite clear that the product feed needed to be re-segmented and the budget allocation completely changed.

With such an extensive product range, the existing campaign set-up meant low converting products would easily absorb the budget and decrease Impression Share for In Sport’s best selling items.

By doing a complete overhaul of the account and recreating campaigns from scratch, we could ensure the most profitable and highest converting products would maintain the highest share of voice. The bid strategy was also reset to ensure we weren’t paying for clicks that wouldn’t translate into sales.

The Results

The results were instant. Sales and Revenue increased dramatically in the first month of changes, while still maintaining the same ad spend.

After we continued to generate consistently high returns from Google Ads, In Sport were confident enough to increase their spend and scale online performance.

Their online store is now dominating in terms of performance and continues to grow each month.

Year on year Sales increased 177%.
Year on year Revenue increased 225%.
Return on Ad Spend increased 48%

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