A Sweet Tooth for Deliciously Decadent Results: Increasing InstaCake's SEO Traffic By 487% & Visibility By 374% In 3 Months

The Problem

InstaCake delivers delicious and decadent cakes & dessert boxes across Sydney, ranging from their famous Nutella Ooze Cakes & Ferrero Lava Cakes. On top of that, they have an awesome VidCard service where customers can record a personalised video message to their recipients.

With their website not being optimised for SEO and no real growth in organic traffic, Local Digital was tasked with improving their organic visibility in the search results and improving SEO traffic and revenue.

The Solution

As found during the initial stages of the campaign, the core aspects of SEO were not implemented onto the website – this included, optimised page titles, metadata and page copy.

We assigned our copywriter with creating the content for all category pages after optimising the key landing pages and category pages. This content was then optimised for organic search using our internally developed content optimisation tool that leverages Google’s Natural Language.

We performed a thorough technical assessment of the website and addressed several technical issues; InstaCake also had plans of migrating their CMS to Shopify – we also assisted with this, ensuring that redirects were correctly mapped out as to not lose prior link equity and traffic as well as ensuring the new website is optimised on the aforementioned core SEO aspects.

In order to improve the domain’s authority, we launched a link-building campaign that prospects relevant, high-quality domains and establishes links on them to strengthen the authority of the InstaCake domain.

The Results

Now only three months into the campaign, we’ve seen significant improvements in InstaCakes organic visibility – a 374% increase compared to the start of the campaign!

InstaCake Organic Visibility Improvements

When looking at the top three positions, this has improved tremendously by 950%!

On a more granular level, InstaCake is now ranking for many target keywords it wasn’t previously ranking for and the keywords that it was previously ranking for has improved significantly since the start of the campaign three months prior.

Following the uplifts across all keywords and visibility, InstaCake’s SEO traffic increased by 487% when comparing the start of the campaign to now compared to the previous three months.

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