How We Helped Jim’s Cleaning Melbourne Generate More Leads With Less Spend

The Problem

Jim’s Cleaning is a nationwide cleaning company offering a variety of services from household and commercial cleaning to office and carpet cleaning. Local Digital currently helps many Jim’s Cleaning Franchisees to generate more business with the use of Google Ads.

When COVID-19 hit there were immediate impacts to budgets which meant that we needed to produce results with less resources. While it is a difficult task we were able to make the account significantly more efficient over the course of a year with incremental improvements each month.

The Solution

The foundation of the account’s success revolves around the structure of the campaigns. By segmenting the account we are able to set different cost per lead targets for each of their services. For example, household cleaning has historically had a much lower cost per lead than commercial cleaning meaning that we can set our cost per lead targets for household cleaning to be significantly lower.

The second step in making the account run efficient was to look where we can trim the fat. While the account was already performing quite well 12 months ago, we knew that if we refine the keywords that we are bidding on then we can allocate more budget to keywords which are converting at a higher rate. Once we did this we saw immediate results leading to an increase in the conversion rate and a reduction in the cost per lead.

Lastly, as the account saw a large increase in the conversion data over the months we were able to use Google’s automated bidding strategies with confidence as there was enough data for the algorithms to work effectively. We transitioned the campaigns over to these bidding strategies with a staggered approach rather than applying them to all campaigns at the same time. This ensured that the account was not negatively impacted by the learning periods of the bidding strategies.

The Results

To get the account to run this efficiently was not instant – it was a long term play where we make regular adjustments and optimisations so that we saw consistent improvements in the account’s efficiency.

With a strong foundation and structure in the account which allows for high quality scores, we were able to keep the cost per click down in the account and allocate the majority of the budget towards high converting keywords.

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