How We Helped JWA Oil Rank #1 For Their Money Keyword

The Problem

JWA Oil work in the temporary access space. This essentially means their business is to provide makeshift roads to ensure large scale mining and construction operations can continue to function no matter the weather.

In their space these temporary access mats are known as “bog mats”.

Local Digital was briefed with one goal at the start of the campaign – get JWA Oil ranking in the top 3 for the keyword “bog mats” within 6 months.

After assessing the market and the JWA site, we accepted the challenge.

The Solution

Local Digital deployed an SEO strategy for JWA that focused on optimising onsite content, supported by a link building campaign.

Our team wrote new copy for the target pages, optimised towards the high value keywords identified during the keyword research process.

The outreach team got to work acquiring new backlinks.

Target websites were identified and contact made with the owners to try and encourage more inbound links to the JWA site.

The Results


#1 For Bog Mats

We didn’t just get JWA Oil to the top 3 as agreed – they’re sitting pretty in first spot for their money keyword bog mats.

This leads to a steady stream of enquiries for these very large, very valuable jobs right across Australia.

How did we do it? Meta data optimisation, page copy optimisation, internal linking and offsite content promotion.

Over time this has lead to the JWA Oil domain being rewarded with Google rankings, traffic and leads.

JWA also rank in the Top 2 in Google for related keywords like temporary access mats.

A successful campaign all round.

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