How We Helped Monster Furniture Enter The Competitive Retail Furniture Space

The Problem

Monster Furniture is classified as a big box furniture retailer located in the heart of Western Sydney. They sell a range of furniture pieces, suitable for pretty much every room in a home, at attractive and affordable prices. They are entering an extremely competitive market in the organic listings, but they believed in the value they could deliver online – and so did we.

Local Digital was given the task to help Monster Furniture with its current website so they may increase their online presence, boost their organic traffic, and generate leads for more information about their products.

So how would we be able to achieve this? By working on their website’s organic visibility and authority.

The Solution

Upon our initial audit of the Monster Furniture website, we identified missing information we believe to be crucial as part of the foundation for any organic campaign. These included both optimised metadata and page copy.

We carried out extensive keyword research to ensure we could report to Monster Furniture the best possible keywords they should pivot to and compete for within the retail furniture space.

Our next steps were to:

  1. Optimise their title tags and meta descriptions (these were missing) using valuable and ‘low-hanging fruit’ keywords from our research
  2. Brief our copywriters to prepare SEO content for their homepage using relevant keywords. We even used our proprietary tool, Natch, which adopts Google’s Natural Language to analyse copy and provide useful insights

After implementing our recommendations, we started to see a significant increase in organic visibility over the three three month period. As a result, organic traffic increased by 237%.

A link-building campaign was also launched to increase the domain’s authority. Prospecting relevant, high-quality domains and establishing links on them strengthened the authority of the Monster Furniture domain.

The Results

After rolling out the foundational components for Monster Furniture’s SEO, we have seen a 1365% increase to date (from October to January) in overall organic visibility and only 3 months into the SEO campaign.

In terms of competitive target search terms, we began to see keywords that Monster Furniture were not initially ranking for are now comfortably sitting in positions 1-3.

Some of the impressive keywords which have moved into the top positions include furniture warehouse sydney, dining room furniture sydney, and budget furniture sydney. The number of keywords in positions 1-3 have also grown by 3050% compared to the start of the SEO campaign.

As a result of the significant uplifts in target keywords, we have seen organic traffic increase by 26% MoM from November to December.

This is equivalent to a 237% when compared to the beginning of the SEO campaign.

Moving forward, we are continuing to focus with onsite SEO by adding optimised content onto the main category pages of their website to further bolster their organic visibility and improve keyword rankings.

We will also continue to capitalise on growing Monster Furniture’s relevance in the organic listings via authority link building.

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