How We Helped Pearsons Florist Increase Their Organic Revenue by 100%

The Problem

There’s no question about it, the online flower delivery industry is super competitive. Everyone wants a piece of the SEO pie and to reap the rewards, and why wouldn’t you? Tens of thousands of people are searching for flowers online in Sydney each month.

Pearson’s Florist have a strong family history dating back over 50 years. With multiple locations Sydney-wide, the majority of their sales came through their bricks and mortar stores. What they didn’t have was a strong online presence, and as a result, their online transactions and revenue were suffering.

With traffic and revenue going backwards, Local Digital were tasked with not only improving Pearson’s Florists organic visibility, but improving their rankings for competitive, super valuable keywords such as flower delivery sydney, which would ultimately lead to a significant increase in SEO traffic and revenue.

The Solution

We audited all of the “SEO basics” – meta data, heading tags, page copy etc across all the key pages and found that it wasn’t optimised for their target keywords.

After updating these areas, we rolled out new content to main category pages to support the optimised meta data. TF-IDF optimisation of key pages on the site better provide Google with the context it needed. To drive additional organic traffic to the site we created new suburb location and hospital pages.

We completed a comprehensive technical audit to identify and rectify any underlying issues which are common with e-commerce stores.

Finally, to compliment the onsite optimisation, we commenced a link acquisition campaign to boost the authority of the domain. This involved prospecting for relevant, high-quality domains and placing links on them which improved the authority of the Pearsons Florist domain and lead to improved rankings.

The Results


Not only did Local Digital improve organic visibility, we have managed to double organic traffic and rank at the top of Google for a number for super competitive keywords.

Overall Google visibility increased by 50%, and as a result Organic Traffic to the site increased by 99%.

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