How We Helped Punch Equipment Maximise Their ROAS On Social Ads

The Problem

Punch Equipment designs and develops boxing gear for a wide range of standards, no matter your level of experience or ability in the ring. They sell all boxing equipment to customers around the globe and want to ensure that their customers make the right selection for their specific needs.

When we started on the account, the client was not running any social ads at all. They had run campaigns years prior on a much higher ad budget. They were hoping to run ads on a smaller budget whilst still generating results. Despite their higher budget, their return on ad spend was 4.23. We needed to figure out what was preventing them from generating better results and potentially upscaling their spend.

The Solution

Punch Equipment engaged Local Digital to help generate more online sales through digital ads. After taking a look through the account, it became clear that the client had not run any catalogue or shopping campaigns. They were previously just running static image ads. We also realised the campaigns were running with multiple creative options within each ad set, rather than any dynamic creatives that automatically serve specific products to users. The client suggested we focus only on punching bags and boxing gloves.

We built out separate campaigns for each product catalogue and began to build up the pool of prospecting audiences that we could eventually retarget to them with dynamic product ads. We worked through each product catalogue manually, ensuring the products that were priority to sell were those selected in the product catalogue. Additionally, we made new custom and lookalike audiences that we knew would respond well to the ads we created.

By doing a complete overhaul of the account and recreating campaigns from scratch, we were able to decrease their cost per purchase and increase their ROAS despite their budget decreasing by 68% comparatively to the previous campaigns.

The Results

The results came instantly, but gradually kept increasing for the better. After three months of work on the account, we were able to almost match their sales numbers, and increase their ROAS comparatively by almost 500% despite remaining on a budget that was 68% lower than previous.

Their online store is now dominating in terms of performance and we have continued to see an increase in overall results on their accounts since being managed by the team at Local Digital.

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