How We Helped RISE Pacific Maximise Return on Ad Spend on Google Shopping

The Problem

RISE Pacific is a specialist company working in the vertical heights industry. They offer rigging, access and heights services. RISE Pacific had tried running google shopping campaigns in the past but weren’t seeing the results they needed.

We had to address a few challenges before we were able to set RISE Pacific’s Shopping campaigns live. The first challenge was improving the landing pages for the products on their site. They were still in the process of adding the eCommerce section to their site and certain product pages were lacking descriptions and information.

The Solution

The plan to launch RISE Pacific’s Google Ads was set into three phases:

1. Smart Campaign Creation

As their account already had data in it we were able to start by building out a smart shopping campaign to include each of their 615 products – splitting their products into the categories listed on the website. This gave us a better understanding of where conversions were coming from and would help with the later optimisation phase of the account.

Google’s smart campaign automatically pulls product images/headlines/descriptions from your website. They serve across Google’s shopping and display networks and have inbuilt dynamic remarketing, which allows us to retarget consumers who have visited your site but may not have followed through with a purchase.

2. Landing Page Optimisations

Looking at RISE’s website, we created a list of recommendations to improve conversion rates on their product pages. We derived the list from considering the consumer’s journey on their site, what their competitors are doing in the space, and the knowledge we have from our many years of experience of optimising landing pages.

The recommendations involved adding credibility to the landing pages through:

  • Unique selling points
  • Adding clear shipping information – lengths and costs
  • Optimising product descriptions where necessary.

3. Ongoing Optimisation

Over the next few months, Google’s algorithm collected data on the products. We could see which products were performing and which products weren’t meeting the target return on ad spend from this data. Through the continual exclusion of under performing products, we directed more ad spend towards products with higher conversion rates and ROI.

The Results

With a large number of products in the account and a limited budget, we were able to see a gradual yet steady increase in important metrics across the board.

As a result, we achieved an overall increase in ROAS, revenue and conversion rates by letting Google’s algorithm collect data, optimising the landing page for conversions and ongoing account optimisation.

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