How We Helped Supercheap3D Save Thousands A Month In Wasted Ad Spend

The Problem

Supercheap3D specialise in architectural 3D renderings for clients as diverse as builders, developers, architects and home owners.

They had been with a few different agencies, but found the service and experience working with them the same, and quite lacking in service and results. In particular, they had experienced problems with agencies all delivering the same sort of work, reports, hours, recommendations but no proactive work or effort made outside of their own prompting.

They also complained they had been spending too much on Google Ad costs for little in tangible returns.

Local Digital’s brief was simple – clean up wasted ad spend if possible and provide an attentive service.

The Solution

Local Digital audited the Google Ads account and identified many thousands of dollars per month that was being blown on irrelevant searches.

The account was showing ads for people searching for cement rendering rather than 3D rendering. It was showing ads to people searching for 3D rendering software platforms – highly unlikely to convert into a paying customer for their service. It was showing ads to people looking for jobs.

In essence – a huge cleanup was necessary. Local Digital totally restructured the campaigns, ad groups, keyword targeting and various account settings to dramatically decrease the amount of wasted budgets.

We saved many thousands of dollars per month in wasted ad spend, which was able to be invested into the areas that were generating leads

The Results

The results were dramatic.

Comparing a month in 2021 vs the same period in 2020:

Supercheap3D  spent 17% less on the Google media – the money that goes in Google’s pocket for the ads being clicked on.

Despite the drop in spend, the account generated 51% more leads with the Local Digital campaign compared to the old campaign – meaning their budget was spent on more relevant traffic.

Their conversion rate was 47% better than it was with the old campaign.

Their cost per lead was a staggering 45% less than it was before we fixed the campaigns. A lower cost per lead makes the advertising more profitable.

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