How We Helped Welcome to Country Increase Social Revenue by 206%

The Problem

Welcome to Country is an organisation that sources items from artists, art centres and manufacturers who have licenced agreements with artists and pay fair royalties. They sell Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander products ranging from homewares to jewellery and clothing. They also sell Aboriginal experiences that help people learn and appreciate the oldest living culture on the planet. These tours focus on food and wine, art and culture and more.

When we started on the account, they were running multiple campaigns and generating a limited number of purchases. The campaigns were not cost-effective and we found that the cost per purchase was incredibly high. We needed a social strategy to boost the sales of their products online and really maximise their return on ad spend. We needed to find out why their cost per sale was so high and their sales were so low. We also wanted to maintain more purchases on higher valued items whilst keeping the cost per purchase as low as possible.

The Solution

Welcome to Country engaged Local Digital to review their current account and restructure the existing campaigns. After analysing the campaigns, it became clear that the client was running multiple ad sets and campaigns and bidding against themselves for the same audience which was driving costs up. All of their targeting was interest-based and they were not running any ads to lookalike audiences. This limited the audience pool and failed to find new prospecting customers in other interest groups, further limiting their sales.

Their campaigns needed to be completely restructured to ensure we were constantly reaching new customers who would be interested in buying the products but may not fall under broad interest targeting.

By performing a complete overhaul of the account and recreating campaigns from scratch, we were able to increase sales, decrease their cost per purchase and increase their ROAS, further enabling them to scale up and increase their ad spend.

The Results

The results were instant.

Sales and revenue increased dramatically in the first month of changes. After we continued to generate consistently high returns from Facebook ads, Welcome to Country were confident enough to increase their spend and scale online performance.

Their online store is now dominating in terms of performance and recently enjoyed their biggest month of sales due to the contribution of both Facebook and Google Ads managed by Local Digital.

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